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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complait bay area news coverage starts right for you, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> our response must be an increased focus and dedication in these areas. >> during the past hour the top brass at oakland police department responded to a surge in violent crime and the scathing report critical of the department. good afternoon, i am tori campbell, the oakland police accident is facing a growing
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list of challenges including facing the possibility of a federal take over, new at noon alex savidge joins us live from opd headquarters, so what is the chief saying about all these problems, alex? >> reporter: at this news couches the chief made it clear he is frustrated by a recent speak in murders and talked about this weekend, a particularly violent one, 5 homicides that happened in the span of 18 hours. there was a news conference this morning here at police headquarters and we learned those killings in particular from this past weekend were not connected but did find out the investigates were targeted, despite the hard work of detectives that have been no arrests and to that end the chief today talked about new ways the department is trying to encourage witnesses to these crimes to come forward and help police. in particularly talked about a new system today are using called nixel, where witnesses to crimes, people with information can text that information to the department. the chief says officers need
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help to get the violent crime under control. >> we cannot do it alone. i need the community's help and support. plainly and simply, violence occurs because it is allowed to continue. is accepted on some level by individuals and by groups and that is not right. >> meantime, today attorneys are planning to file a motion pushing for a federal take over of the oakland police department. that was another topic discussioned by the chief today. of course, the department has been ordered to make reforms all of it seeming from the 2000 riders corruption case. at this point not all of those reforms have been implemented, just this week two scathing reports came out about the handling, the way the department has handled occupy protests in particular, one that happened last october and the way the department
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investigates officer involved shootings. a short time ago the chief defended the progress his department has made. >> we are all working to move in the same direction, which is full compliance, it is not easy and a challenging but no one here is ducking it. we all want the same thing, the judge wants the same thing, i want the same thing, i want our officers to practice constitutional policing. >> i short time ago i did get off the phone for one of the attorneys in the plaintiffs in the case, he is working to get that motion prepared and they do plan -- he and fellow attorneys do plan to file that motion calling for the oakland police department to be put under federal receivership by the end of the day today. that is the plan. the chief was asked about the specifics. he says he has not seen it so could not comment on the specifics there but of course once it is filed the department will have time to respond. live this afternoon in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> oakland police get their pan. officers spent an hour this morning searching the lake merritt area in oakland, part of grand avenue was blocked and witnesses said there were cops everywhere. the search started at 7:50 a suspect was taken in an hour later. police have not said what for. in san jose police are investigating a homicide after a birthday party became the scene of a deadly shooting afternotice. this happened at a home in the 23 block of dobesh avenue, janine da lainvestigate a joins us with that with that
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and this one. >> reporter: when police arrived they found that. witnesses said they heard gunshots and the victim walked and collapsed and died. police say the people responsible fled put it appears to be gang related. one man at the bar-be-que would did for the want to be identified insists he was not a gang member. >> he was a family man. he was not a gang member or anything. he was a funny guy, very charismatic. >> the other happened there last night. police say it appears two men were fighting on the sidewalk. when officers arrived they found one of them on the ground unconscious. he was taken to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made in either of the cases. the homicides happening so
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close together has kept detectives very busy. >> we do have officers out there working investigators working long hours on -- on incidents like this. anytime there is a homicide or a major incident it does involve a lot of resources and those resources do tend to get stretched a little thin. >> reporter: police have spent hours canvassing neighborhoods where the crimes occurred talking to witnesses to determine what led up to both of these crimes. at this point neither of the men's identities are being released. they are the city's 35th and 36th homicide of the year. reporting live from san jose, janine d lainvestigate a, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. police say a neighborhood dispute led to the killing of two people in vallejo, in eight minutes what we know about the suspect and the neighbors he is accused of shooting. a little list than two hours from now the roman catholic archdiocese of san francisco is scheduled to install its new archbishop. he is set to become the 9th
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metropolitan archbishop of san francisco in a mass of installation at the cathedral of st. mary of the assumption at 2:00. his installation promises to draw protests because of his opposition to same sex marriage and he still faces drunk driving charges in san diego where he was cited while visiting his mother in august. president obama and mim rot knee mitt romney are back on the campaign trail after squaring off tonight. >> what i talked about was a new economic patriotism that is rooted in the belief of a strong thriving middle class. >> analysts say during the debate he failed to mention his accomplishments and did not counter many of the charges thrown his way by governor romney. >> i saw the president's vision as trickle down government and i don't think that is what
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america believes in. i see instead a prosperity that comes through freedom. >> mitt romney celebrated the successful first day bait with a surprise pit stop there in denver. he is set to attends events in virginia later today. the polls conducted last night suggest mitt romney was the clear winner of the efficiency presidential debate. a cnn poll of 430 people who watched the debate showed 67% thought romney won compared to 25% who thought president obama won. the cbs news poll of undecided voters found 46% siding with romney, 22% for mr. obama. and 32% saying it was a tie. here is some of what both the president and romney said during last night's debate. >> i like the fact that in my state we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single republican vote. >> over the last two years
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healthcare premiums have gone up it is true but they have done up slower than ape time in the last 50 years. >> i put forward a specific 4 trillion dollar deficit reduction plan. >> my number 1 principal is there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only effect high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class, it is math. >> i like big bird and you too, but i am not going to keep borrowing money from china to pay for it. >> we have more including a fact check of the statements made last night. find it at a drive is scheduled for this afternoon in san jose to register homeless and other low income people to vote. the goal is to get homeless people involved in the political process. the registration push will be from 2:00 to 6:00 at the reception center on little
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orchard street in san jose. it is part of national homeless and low income voter registration week. two people shot any killed in the driveway of this home. and police say the alleged gunman lived right across the street. we will tell you what neighbors say was said right before those shots were fired. >> as predicted the major cool down is underway in the bay area, mark mark tamayo will tell you if it will affect your weekend. >> center field, ball game. >> gone crazy, green and golden, we will tell you what is next for the miracle season of the oakland as.
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mark tamayo. hundreds of kizer workers this morning traded a huge pink breast cancer awareness ribbon out of pink hard hats. they are building a new hospital there. organizers say today want to draw attention to breast cancer screening and protection. a former marine is behind bars today after police say he shot and killed two of his neighbors. it happened in the 300 block of the street there. claudine wong explains in this report why residents say they can't believe it happened between men they call best
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friends. >> reporter: on this quiet street in vallejo neighbors say everyone is close but no one closer than martin ho ho nagger and a er and a man name mike. >> it is unbelievable he would do that to the closest people on the block, i don't think i ever saw them not together. >> neighbors say last night they were together as usual along with doug. friends say they got into heated fights over politics and say martin, who is an exmoo exmarine was known to have weapons, they say he made threats and no one took him seriously not even last night. >> he said you are not going to shoot me but he shot him. he said you are going to go to jail then he shot him. >> he wants to let loose but it
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is not right at all. >> friends say the two victims, 50 and 58, were husbands and fathers, after the shooting there was a 45 minute stand off but that ended when hohonager turned himself in. this morning the neighborhood is devastated and in disbelief with every 1 everyone saying the same thing. >> this don't make no sense. >> as day broke people left tokens here, a place the spot of so many good memories and one that is now of unthinkable tragedy. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have an update on that woman accused of using her daughter in a shoplifting attempt and abandoning her. officers have her in custody and are driving her back. police arrested marcy keelan last week at a motel east of
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renneoff. she did that there. she will be booked into jail. fairfield police are now looking for a 70-year-old woman who disappeared yesterday morning. she vanished about 10 a.m. elizabeth clap vanished yesterday from a care home on princeton way. clap p is 5'4," 149 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. she was last seen wearing sweat pants and a white shirt. anyone with information is asked to call fairfield police. the faa has proposed 2200 dollar fine for the lodi skydiving instructor in this utube video. the agency notified dennis mcglen he violated a number of faa regulations when he accompanied 80-year-old laverne everett on her first jump last may. she said she nearly fell out of the harness when she left the plane, mcglen has until mid-
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october to respond. oakland as fans are still beaming over their team's remarkable season finish yesterday. >> fly ball. center field, cosco, ball game. western division -- >> the as beat the texas trainingers 12-5 to win the american league western division championship. at one time the as trailed the rangers by 13 games and yesterday was the only day all season they had soul possession of first place. >> the thing we preachd from day one, you know it is installed inside of us, so they never give up. >> this will betheas first playoff appearance since 2006. the as will now play the american league central division champions, the detroit tigers the first two games played there, the first game saturday at 3:00 p.m., game two is sunday. the teams will then head to oakland for game three on tuesday. now across the bay the giants, who clinched weeks ago are also gearing up for post-
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season play this weekend and catcher buster posey has another reason to celebrate, he won the batting title with a 336 average, the first national league catcher to win the crown in 70 years. experts also expect posey to win most valuable player after he was outnearly all of last season with a serious injury. the giants will go up against the cincinnati reds and the former manager dusty baker. game one is saturday night at 6:30 at at&t park, game 2 also there on sunday. then the division serieses will move to cincinnati. this has been a big week for bart with two of its busiest days of all time occurring back-to-back. the 5th highest ridership ever occurred yesterday with 426,948, people hopping trains, you may remember the as were playing there, oracle opened world and america's cup yacht races were underway. tuesday was the 6th busiest
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day with 419,755 riders. early morning bart commuters had a rough ride though in the east bay this morning. around 4:45 a maintenance vehicle went off the tracks between macarthur and 19th street stations. that caused delays system wide. >> it goes with the territory. you know bart mainly is you know, clean, safe, efficient economical way to get to work, you are just going to have to understand sometimes there will be mechanical error. >> bart had all of it's trains back on time by 7:45 this morning. >> just a couple of days ago temperatures 90s to around 100 degrees but today completely different story. more fog to deal with this morning, some drizzle and cooler air. here is our live camera over san francisco bay, clouds but are beginning to break up over the pay so signs of sunshine here but as you can see on live storm tracker 2, that fog bank offshore and pushing into the bay, in fact as we do come in
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tighter the coverage extending to the golden gate around southern marine county as well and this, a breeze, winds out of the west, fairfield sustained to 29 miles an hour. current numbers, you see ranging from the lower 60s in san francisco to the lower 70s inland, antioch 72, san jose 69, and hayward currently 68. so of course more fog this morning. that translates to the cool down which started yesterday but kicks in for today and this weather system offshore is approaching our coastline. this will increase that onshore breeze as we head into friday and through the weekend. as a result we are just talking about 60s and 70s. this area of low pressure close enough to the region we could be talking about sprinkles as we do approach monday. here is our forecast model showing you this, an increase in some of the fog once again first thing tomorrow morning. we will take this into saturday. pretty much the same deal. i still step out of the tivity
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predicted rainfall. most of the action stays offshore but into monday we do bring in that chance of a light sprinkle or light shower, a very slight chance but something we will keep an eye on. as far as the fleet week week festivities and cloudy skies and 62 degrees tomorrow, a fog bank at least maybe burning off into the afternoon hours, especially probably a better bet as we do head into sunday. forecast times this afternoon, 70 to 80 unland, near the coastline 50s to the 60s. here is a look ahead. your five-day-forecast with your weekend always in view. your weekend rapidly approaching. we will continue to cool things off for friday and then for the weekend 60s and 70s and that chance for sprinkles as we head into monday, so tory it has been a roller coaster ride, triple digits a few days ago and talking about cool air and
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the possibility of sprinkles by monday but the weekend looks okay. >> yeah, all right. and i mean i guess this is kind of normal for october you get swings. >> yeah, definitely strange times when you get the remnants of summer and a preview of winter so you kind of get both weather worlds. >> thank you mark. this afternoon the blue angels are scheduled to take to the skies to practice for the fleet week show. news chopper 2 was there when thigh arrived in the bay area on tuesday. today's practice is expected to last from 12:30 to 4:00. later this evening there is a blue angels meet and greet at peer 39 beginning at 7:15. get more information about the schedule and the rest of this weekend's festivities, go to and look for the hot topic section on the home page. today the group that owns the peak of mount umunhum will outline its plan for that. they want to open it to hikers
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cyclists and horseback riders. the district is scheduled to decide later if the old radar tower should be demolished right there. citizen support keeping the old building known as knee cube but maintenance costs weigh heavily on all decisions. ahead why people are riding a special bus around the state and itconnection to the upcoming election, also what facebook and mcdonalds now have in common, it has to do with a certain number.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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an encouraging report on the labor market and better sales helped pushing the stock market higher, the government said 367,000 americans south unemployment benefits better than expected, the dow up 76, nasdaq up 13, s&p up 9. today mark zuckerberg announced facebook now has more than 1 billion active users each month. he made the announcement by updating his facebook page status. most is overseas, that is good news amid the difficult times it has been facing since then. a group of activist taking a bus tour around the state urging voters to reject proposition 32 that would restrict california union's ability to raise and contribute money. the group stopped in oakland today, taking aim at the cokee brothers who they say have poured money into prop 32.
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today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 a outbreak of a rare form of meningitis has now been linked to california. the one connection between all the cases and a warning from health officials. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you the next time news breaks, we are always here for you on and mobile send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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